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The year of reinvention

With rapid adaptation to the demands of the pandemic, the area registered record growths in the production and consumption of contents about education on the Itaú Social channels and on the channels of partners

The first edition of the Cycle of Talks: Integral Development, in May 2020: mediated by the superintendent of Itaú Social, Angela Dannemann (above, at right), with the participation of Alan Correa, coordinator of communication at Itaú Social; Jany Alencar, director of the CSO Verde Vida; and Tião Rocha, founder of the Popular Center for Cultural Development. In the detail, Priscila Fernandes, Brazilian sign language interpreter

Ambition and ability to get things done in the communication area came together with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim to mobilize different publics and to articulate a network around the debate about education became crucial in an environment of highly accelerated digitalization. This led to the increased need for the production and distribution of quality contents in various formats. Itaú Social innovated, experimented, listened and, mainly, shared knowledge. The audience flourished in record numbers.

The broth of the livestreamings was thickened with six important cycles of talks, involving representatives from the third sector and from the public power. Visits to the institutional website ( grew 17% in comparison with 2019, and the news section, which became a highlight on the website, also rose 10% in the same period. Among the social networks, Facebook continued to be the one with the largest audience. The most significant growth in the number of followers, however, occurred in LinkedIn (475%) and on YouTube (182%).

The partnerships with communication vehicles enlarged the spectrum of coverage. The podcast Folha na Sala, for example, received 106 thousand plays in 33 episodes, in many cases discussing the issue of inequality in the classroom. And the contents published from June 30 onward in Public Policies Nexus had a monthly average of 51 thousand views in 2020. The score of the Quality Index for Exhibition in Media (IQEM) increased 51% in relation to 2019 – a record since 2010, the beginning of the historical series. We also launched Education News, a newsletter in partnership with the media startup Galápagos, which released 18 editions in 2020, in a five-section format presenting ideas, experiences and people in all regions of the country who inspire, teach and help to construct Brazil’s future.

Social networks

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In numbers


views per month on the institutional website, 17% more than in 2019


growth in the number of LinkedIn followers

4,2 million

people impacted by the contents published on Facebook, a network that ended 2020 with 206,044 followers

1,6 million

people impacted by the contents published on Instagram