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Annual Report

Connected and present

The importance of working in a network and strengthening actions at the local level was never so evident is in the year 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the social inequalities, posing even greater challenges to the guarantee of the right to public, universal and quality education in Brazil. In this context, the network that Itaú Social has been weaving together with partners, collaborators and suppliers proved indispensable for advancing its mission to develop, implement and share social technologies to be put into practice in the most diverse realities throughout Brazil. With a focus on its two main pillars: the training of education professionals, and the strengthening of civil society, the organization continued with its programs and strategies, while also learning to deal with the new reality. Placing a high value on listening, on autonomy, and on the protagonism of those who work for the rights of children, adolescents and young people and their integral development has continued to be our guiding star. To the focus on long-term goals, however, was added the immediate and concentrated effort to give a rapid, effective response to the emergency demands. Acting collaboratively, Itaú Social and its partners remain connected, in a network, strengthening the local activities of the civil society organizations that are present in the territories and, thus, providing support to those who need care and protection.

Fábio Barbosa



2020 in numbers:

Communication coordinator: Alan Albuquerque R. Correia • Management of content and visual identity: Rodrigo Souza Silva • Technology management: Felipe José da Silva • Critical reading: Alan Albuquerque R. Correia, Camila Feldberg, Dianne Melo, Milena Duarte, Luan Pires Paciencia, Paula Ferreira Barbosa, Patrícia Mota Guedes, Steff Cordeiro de Oliveira, Tatiana Bello Djrdjrjan • Technical collaboration: Juliana Araújo • Editorial design and production, texts, revision, visual identity and interface design: Galápagos Newsmaking • Programming: Nuts and Sintropika

Annual Report 2020 - Itaú Social