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An extensive network

Activity in the strengthening of civil society and in the training of education professionals reaches 76% of the Brazilian municipalities, benefits 7.2 million children, adolescents and young people – and articulates networks of protection in the context of the pandemic

Family of the municipality of Portel (PA), who received basic grocery kits and books of the Read to a Child program, delivered by the Augustinian Missionary Congregation for Assistance and Education (CAME): the Itaú Social network was enlarged through a partnership with organizations active in the territories. Photo:/CAME/publicity photo

Structured on two solid pillars – the Training of Education Professionals and the Strengthening of Civil Society – Itaú Social’s programs materialize the organization’s aim to act as a pole for educational development, an articulator, aggregator and producer of knowledge for the consolidation of education and the protection of all children, teens and young people as priorities of society. It was with these programs that in the difficult year of 2020 Itaú Social reached 4,262 municipalities, supporting 1,977 institutions – including civil society organizations, municipal councils and libraries – and operated with 742 education secretariats. More than 191 thousand people participated in training activities and, through its intermediation, more than 7.2 million children were benefited.

This entire scope was possible thanks to a true network of networks that is constantly woven and strengthened by these programs, which allows for sufficient scale and quickness for mitigating the effects of the pandemic in communities in situations of greater social vulnerability. Plans were remade, initiatives and partnerships went through a remodeling to digital format and the programs gained greater scope, collaborating toward reducing the pandemic’s effects on the daily life of education professionals and partner institutions. Of the R$ 131 million invested in the line of activity for the strengthening of civil society, in a context in which the organizations are challenged in their territories to confront the inequalities aggravated by the crisis, R$ 52 million was allocated to the COVID-19 Emergency Support. The resources were given to 138 institutions and benefited 157 thousand families, who received basic grocery kits, hygiene kits, personal protection equipment (PPE) and more than 82 thousand copies of books from the Read to a Child collection.

In numbers


institutions supported




partner education secretariats

191 thousand

participants in the training programs

7,8 million

children, adolescents and young people benefited

R$ 59,5 million

invested in the Training of Educational Professionals pillar

R$ 131 million

invested in the Strengthening of Civil Society line of activity

R$ 52 million

given to the COVID-19 Emergency Support program


institutions were partners of this action

157 thousand

families were benefited by the emergency support