Why research? Research when, and how? Research what?

  • Research can potentially elicit reflection and transformation that, in our case, fosters the interaction between theory and practice, allowing us to break away from routine practice and to map answers to questions that open up new avenues.


The context

In Brazil, public education still faces serious challenges: ensuring the continuity of students’ schooling and learning; reducing inequalities in schools and the school systems; valuing teachers and providing them with good working conditions; engaging families and communities in education; enhancing service to the people; integrating activities of schools, civil society organizations and other opportunities in the territory, aiming at the full development of people.

  • Finding solutions to these problems will envolve various sorts of efforts. These include a sensitive diagnostic approach that can be implemented to promote more accurate perceptions of reality, thus providing the basis for designing and improving public policies and social projects to make them more effective.



Our Research program aims to conduct and support research which:

  • Provides inputs for the development of Itaú Social’s own projects;
  • Provides society with relevant information for the support of inititiatives by government and other players aimed at improving education in Brazil.

The program invests in applied research that seeks to test solutions to challenges facing public education in Brazil.



See the latest research conducted by Itaú Social and its partners (some studies are available only in Portuguese):