Whether in a neighborhood or nationwide, social mobilization is critical to promoting improvements in society. How to engage people so that they are involved in the transformation of public education and, consequently, of society as a whole?

  • Democracy presupposes an active participation of people in the construction of solutions that benefit the community and promote social development.


The context

Joint action by residents of a given region for the sake of local development, considering the needs and knowledge of each individual, is one of the key foundations for social transformation. However, according to the survey “Opinião do Brasileiro sobre o Voluntariado” [The Opinion of Brazilians on Volunteering] (2016), 72% of Brazilians stated that they have never engaged in volunteering activities. Also, according to the 2018 World Giving Index report, out of 146 countries surveyed, Brazil ranks only 122nd in terms of the percentage of people who engage in volunteerism.

  • Encouraging Itaú employees and their contact networks to engage in volunteer work is therefore one way that we can contribute to greater social mobilization throughout Brazil.



The purpose of the Volunteer program is to create conditions for increased involvment of employees in social actions, by offering them opportunities for social participation and encouraging volunteering work.


Program Description

The Mobilize Itaú Committees are currently the main strategy to make employees aware of the importance of volunteering. Organized by administrative hubs or cities, these groups work with their teams to spread the available inititatives and encourage volunteering work across the country in institutional alignment with the causes taken up by Itaú Social.

Itaú employees interested in becoming involved in volunteering initiatives can also count on the support of the Itaú Social staff to make their proposals feasible. They are given opportunities to take part in initiatives developed by Itaú Social itself – such as reading mediation and financial education. Employees are also encouraged to spontaneously propose initiatives on different topics.




Forums and supports

  • CBVE – Conselho Brasileiro de Voluntariado Empresarial;
  • GEVE – Grupo de Estudos de Voluntariado Empresarial.