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Letters and Numbers

For a person's education to develop entirely, it is necessary to ensure complete mastery of two competences involving complementary reasoning: Portuguese language and Mathematics. How can we make this encounter happen?

  • We believe that, even in challenging contexts, we need to come up with solutions that add up and multiply such knowledge.


The context

Brazil is a continent-sized country. Its potentialities, however, are commensurate with its challenges. If the examples of this imbalance abound, the results reached by the researchers at the Instituto Paulo Montenegro (2016) are alarming: only 8% of the Brazilian people at working age is fully capable of understanding and expressing themselves through letters and numbers.

  • For Itaú Social, initiatives that promote the social use of the Portuguese language and Mathematics are strategic investments, since mastery of these key competences give access to the other areas of knowledge.



The "Letters and Numbers" program proposes promoting initiatives that approach the Portuguese language and Mathematics as citizenship instruments, thereby shifting the consecrated view that they are "mere subjects" towards understanding that they are constitutive elements of full life in the society.

  • The "Letters and Numbers" program promotes or supports initiatives of great importance, such as: "Writing the Future""Read to a Child", "Enjoyment in Reading" and "Brazilian Mathematical Olympiad" – the latter two are a partnership with Instituto C&A, the Instituto de Matemática” Pula Aplicada (Impa) and the Ministry of Education (MEC).



  • Centro de Estudos e Pesquisas em Educação, Cultura e Ação Comunitária (Cenpec);
  • Instituto C&A;
  • Instituto Chapada de Educação e Pesquisa (Icep);
  • Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada (Impa);
  • Instituto Sidarta;
  • Ministry of Education (MEC);
  • Rede Nacional de Bibliotecas Comunitárias (RNBC).



Functional Illiteracy Indicator.