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Strengthening of Civil Society

Mission in Focus

Brazil has a strong third sector with civil society organizations (OSCs) that make a difference in the areas where they operate. How can we help initiatives that have more impact to remain ongoing and broaden their reach?

  • We believe in a flexible development model that promotes organizations institutional strengthening.


The context

The survey Sustentabilidade das ONGS no Brasil – acesso a recursos privados  (2010) [NGO Sustainability in Brazil - access to private funds], conducted by Associação Brasileira de Organizações Não Governamentais, showed that the total number of organizations that had 81%-100% of their budgets covered by international investment dropped 66% between 2003 and 2007. Funds from Brazilian investors, on the other hand, typically support specific projects. According to the 2016 Gife Census, only 24% of the country's top 116 social investors provide OSCs with institutional support. This translates into fragile management of the organizations.

  • If social organizations are to make progress in undertaking their mission, it is crucial to provide their planning, human resources, communication, innovation, outcome monitoring and economic-sustainability structures with support.



The Missão em Foco program is intended to provide funds that are flexible and adequate to the needs of each selected social organization, so as to contribute to its stability, growth and management, with a view to enhance its impact.

  • Social organizations conducting significant initiatives in their territories, committed to the comprehensive development of children, adolescents and youth, will be invited to participate in a selection process to receive strategic investment.



  • Censo Gife (2016) [Gife Census];
  • Relatório Benchmarking do Investimento Social Corporativo (2017)  [Benchmarking Corporate Social Investment Report];
  • Sustentabilidade das ONGS no Brasil – acesso a recursos privados  (2010) [NGO Sustainability in Brazil – access to private funds].


Program Description

The Missão em Foco program offers institutional support to civil society organizations having previously been granted funds from other Itaú Social support lines and achieved good outcomes, as showed by monitoring results:

  • Prêmio Itaú-Unicef [Itaú-Unicef Award];
  • Edital Fundos da Infância e da Adolescência [Childhood and Adolescence Funds Call for Projects];
  • Projeto Comunidade Presente [Community, Here! project];
  • Projeto Fundo Itaú Excelência Social [Itaú Social Excellence Fund project].



  • Local, state and federal governments;
  • Civil society organizations.