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Tax-Deductible Donations

According to the Statute on Children and Adolescents (ECA, from the words in Portuguese), the entire society is responsible for the comprehensive development of children and adolescents. The Statute itself includes provisions that enable an active participation of the general population and of companies.

  • It is necessary to take advantage of existing mechanisms to promote, protect and defend the rights of children and adolescents.


The context

Safeguarding the rights of children and adolescents is still a challenge in the country. According to the 2015 National Household Sample Survey, the percentage of school-age children that were out of school dropped from 19.6% to 6.5% from 1990 to 2015. Despite this progress, 2.8 million boys and girls were still out of school in 2015. Unicef, in turn, estimates that, each day, 31 children and teenagers are murdered in Brazil – almost all of them are boys, black, slum dwellers.

  • We have to weave an articulated social-protection network, made up of several strategic government and civil society players, to be proactive in the face of these challenges.



Itaú Social encourages Itaú employees to make a tax-deductible donation of up to 6% of their payable Income Tax to Childhood and Adolescence Funds (FIAs, from the words in Portuguese). The total amount that the employees donate is doubled by the bank.

Also based on the ECA provision, another front of this initiative around a tax-deductible donation to FIAs concerns Itaú Unibanco Holding Conglomerate, which donates 1% of its payable income tax. These amounts are used to fund projects selected through the Childhood and Adolescence Call for Projects.

The aforementioned funds, from both employee and company tax-deductible donations, are transferred to FIAs and invested in initiatives aimed at protecting the rights of children and adolescents.



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