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Education professionals training

Training Environment

In what environment does learning take place? The places of learning are many, as well as the models for sharing content and ways of favoring exchanges of experience. How can we propose the dynamics that is both self-reflexive and practice-based?

  • We believe that training spaces should be collaborative, adaptable to different profiles, exciting and that boost new prospects for people.


The context

Many times, the efforts to build learning models go in the opposite direction of what is desirable: they first develop the tools, then try to "fit them in" the existing uses and experiences, thus placing the social dynamics and the human knowledge in the background in relation to the methodology employed.


  • For us, building learning models means joining previous experiences with collaborative solutions, which will stimulate the emergence of new knowledge based on practice and experiences.



The "Training Environment" program proposes building learning spaces that are based on five principles. They: can be real and virtual; must promote peer-to-peer experience exchange; must value previous experiences; must prioritize practice and promote diversity.

The program proposes training spaces with content made available in different Education Itineraries.



  • Centro de Estudos e Pesquisas em Educação, Cultura e Ação Comunitária (Cenpec);
  • Centro de Referências em Educação Integral;
  • Centro Integrado de Estudos e Programas de Desenvolvimento Sustentável (Cieds);
  • Instituto de Tecnologia Social (ITS);
  • Revista Nova Escola.