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Research and development

The power of knowledge

Research, debates and solutions for learning were specially created to support educators, educational managers and families, in light of the additional challenges posed by the pandemic; these became an important part of Itaú Social’s production of knowledge in 2020

Detail of the cover of the study Retratos da educação [Portraits of Education] in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, published in October: several new series of researches brought together different perspectives on challenges and opportunities that marked education in the year 2020

To develop, implement and share social technologies that contribute to the improvement of Brazilian public education, Itaú Social articulates a series of initiatives for the production of knowledge. In 2020, various of these actions were adapted to the context of the pandemic, providing organizations, education managers, educators and families greater support to meet the challenges posed by this new reality. This was the case of the activity of Polo, a training environment launched in 2019, which made new courses available, accessed by tens of thousands of people throughout the year, and prioritized the themes most relevant at the moment. One of the most popular training courses was precisely the Protection Networks course, which deals with the importance of strengthening links and networks of support to individuals and families. Itaú Social’s experience with the questions related to the municipal management of education through the Improving Education program, made it possible to identify the main needs of the managers and to offer suitable contents in the education courses during the pandemic. The themes deal with the questions of administrative and financial management as well as pedagogical management, such as: school meal programs; school transportation; accounting reports; remote pedagogical activities; welcoming of the school community; resumption of activities with a focus on equity, among other topics.

Itaú Social’s immediate initiatives aimed at understanding and guiding public education managers during the crisis very notably included the series of researches about remote education in the perspective of students and their families, as well as its participation in the creation of a platform available free of charge for the support of public teaching networks in the return to in-person activities after the period of social isolation. Other initiatives, planned before the pandemic and with a potential for longer-term contributions to preserving education, were continued and adapted to ensure their realization in the new scenario. These very notably included the calls for proposals for applied research studies that encourage academic production for reflection and possibilities concerning the last years of elementary education and greater racial equity in basic education; the International Evaluation Seminar, which was carried out in partnership with the CONSED\UNDIME Evaluation Front and other foundations, enlarging the discussion on equitable evaluation in the third-sector organizations; and the partnerships that allowed for the activities of the Chair of Basic Education and the global research Schools2030.