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More than 80 training courses

On the Polo platform, an environment for the training of educators, managers and families, 73 thousand registered users received free, online training

The educator Rosângela Maria Moreira in Xavante villages in the state of Mato Grosso, in 2019. She completed the course “School Management: Tutoring Practices in Continuing Training,” given by Polo, in 2020

The Polo platform, Itaú Social’s training environment, became established as a strategic channel for bringing quality training to professionals of public networks, social organizations and everyone who works for the improvement of education. Launched in the second semester of 2019 and revitalized in September, it resulted in many more users, courses completed and much higher public satisfaction. With the pandemic, the demand grew exponentially. The technology and the contents of quality were applied toward professional upgrading in an extremely delicate context for public education. This was the case of the educator from Mato Grosso, Rosângela Maria Moreira, who completed the course “School Management: Tutoring Practices in Continuing Training,” given by Polo. An employee of the State Secretariat of Education of Mato Grosso, she works as an articulator in the Strategic Area of Educational Management Standards, of the Adjunct Secretariat of Educational Management, as shown in the report  My mission as a manager is to give support to the teachers, in the site’s News section.

Since the launching of Polo, 73,617 users have been registered in 82 available courses. In 2020 alone, there were 60,570 participants present in 2,519 municipalities. The profile of the participants of the courses shows 43% of professionals linked to civil society organizations, 41% of education professionals, and 16% involved with both occupations. The vast majority, 91%, of the users are women. In regard to race, 52% self-identify as white, while 43% self-identify as black.

In another important development for Polo, training programs carried out previously by Itaú Social in the in-person format were included on the platform, as was the case for example, of the training programs Economic evaluation of social projects and public politics and PMDPro Project Management. Besides the synchronous activities, with a mediator acting with closed groups, there was access to complementary materials, such as video classes. With the growing demand, the effectiveness of the platform became clear, as did also its potential to offer increasingly more materials especially for professionals who work in civil society organizations. Today, four large themes are hosted there, besides Education in the Pandemic. They are:

  1. Operational Management

Care with planning, administration and finances propel networks, schools and social organizations to achieve their goals.

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  1. Monitoring and Evaluation

The use of criteria and methodologies to evaluate and monitor projects supports the sustainability of organizations.

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  1. Pedagogical Management

A driver of the educational practice, it upgrades and improves the teaching and learning processes in schools and social organizations.

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  1. Multiliteracies

Knowledge of multiple languages leads to significant and inclusive ways of relating with the contemporary world.

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In numbers

1 million

accesses since the launching, in the second semester of 2019


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