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Research and development Calls for Research Proposals

Creativity and flexibility

The two calls for research proposals (Last Years of Elementary School Teaching and Racial Equity) that were launched received 1,355 applications in the five regions. The processes needed to be adapted because of the pandemic

Applied research
This call for research considered 14 proposals with regional diversity, a variety of pedagogical questions and a focus on applied research in the school

Launched in late 2018 with the aim of fostering up to 14 research projects focused on the understanding and overcoming of educational challenges in the last years of elementary school education, this call for research brought together Itaú Social and Fundação Carlos Chagas (FCC), was innovative in Brazil, and received 492 applications from the five regions. A total of 14 well-founded proposals were selected, with recognized importance, regional diversity, a variety of pedagogical questions and a focus on applied research in the school. The initial idea of realizing an in-person seminar to accompany the projects for the exchange of experiences on the studies underway was adapted because of the pandemic. Thus, the meeting took place virtually through Polo, Itaú Social’s training environment.

Held in October, the seminar allowed everyone to see the phase that each research study was in, the difficulties and solutions created for the carrying out of each proposal, as well as those that occurred due to the pandemic and to the restrictions of Internet access in many communities. For this reason, many underwent adaptations in relation to the initial proposal, an extra challenge overcome with creativity and flexibility.

Confronting racial inequalities
There were 863 applications for scientific articles and projects that pointed to solutions for the reduction of ethnic-racial inequalities in the schools, in an initiative of R$ 3 million

The call for research on Racial Equity in Basic Education sought to mobilize and articulate schools, teaching networks, collectives, research centers and civil society organizations (CSOs) to enable and strengthen strategies for confronting racial inequalities in education. Itaú Social’s initiative relied on the realization of Ceert (Center of Studies for Work Relations and Inequalities) and the partnership of Instituto Unibanco, of Fundação Tide Setubal and of UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund).

In the Applied Research category, 15 projects were selected, developed in a period of 18 months, starting in October 2020. In the Scientific Article category nine projects were selected, six with financial recognition and three with honorable mention. Three in each modality: PhD, master’s and undergraduate. Altogether, Itaú Social’s investment will be R$ 3 million. In relation to declared race-color, 74% identified themselves as black researchers. Among the authors of articles, 77%. To see all the projects selected, click here.