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Programs Improving Education Regional Activity

Collaborative construction

A estratégia de fortalecer a cooperação entre os diferentes entes da federação atua tanto para articular The strategy of strengthening the cooperation between the different entities of the federation operates to articulate states with their respective municipalities while also leveraging the intermunicipal action

Symbolic representation of the Intermunicipal Education Collaboration Network made with participants of meetings prior to the pandemic: a weave that is strengthened based on common action. Photo: Ricardo Aialla

The number of municipal secretariats participating in this front of the program grew from 332, in 2019, to 742, in 2020. The regional activity of the Improving Education program has two strategies in one, in order to strengthen the collaboration between the different entities of the federation – between states and their respective municipalities while also leveraging intermunicipal cooperation.

There are two partnerships with state secretariats. In the work with the Education Secretariat of Pernambuco the focus is on the state’s support to the municipality for keeping tabs on students’ learning, aimed at improving their pedagogical intervention. The cooperation with the state of Bahia, made through the intermediation of Instituto Anísio Teixeira, carries out the continued training of pairs of managers (the school principal and the pedagogical coordinator) at the elementary-2 level, gathering teams from municipal and state establishments in a joint effort.

The program also supports an intermunicipal network of collaboration in education which in 2020 included 21 initiatives in eight states. The support given by the Improving Education program to this network takes place through the training processes for the network’s managers.

Three partners of the program in the regional strategy participated in the development of educational technologies:

Secretariat of Education and Sports of Pernambuco: State-municipal collaboration;

Intermunicipal Consortium of Southern Alagoas State (Conisul): Intermunicipal collaboration: technical consortium chambers;

ADE Chapada Diamantina: Intermunicipal collaboration: Arrangements of Education Development.