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Programs Improving Education Municipal Activity

Path toward autonomy

In 2020 the Improving Education program concluded the development and implementation of educational technologies in municipalities of the states of Mato Grosso, Pernambuco and São Paulo

Girls play chess in the ETA (Lengthened Time School) in Várzea Grande, in the state of Mato Grosso, before the pandemic: the municipal teaching network, where 28 thousand students participated in the development of Educational Technologies of the Improving Education program. Photo: Itaú Social

The educational technologies are methodologies in action, aimed not only at the pedagogical area but also at educational management, with all the steps so that the municipality can implement that action in its own territory in an autonomous way. The content resulting from the pilot programs carried out in five cities has already begun to be systematized and shifted into the digital format to become accessible for any teaching network. The municipalities and technologies follow:

  • Várzea Grande (MT): Strategic planning; Management of people and resources;
  • Suzano (SP): Collective training with focus on experiences of closeness to written culture;
  • Paulista (PE): Active school search; Child education; School, family and community relationship;
  • Itapevi (SP): Mathematics; Strategic planning; School management for racial equity; Inclusive management: People with disabilities; Follow-up of learning points; Management of people and resources; Active school search;
  • Itapecerica da Serra: Mathematics; Portuguese language; Continued training – conditions and structure.