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Scale and quickness

The emergency support arrived at 138 organizations, and 157 thousand families were benefited with basic grocery kits, hygiene kits, personal protection equipment and thousands of books from the Read to a Child collection

Pedagogue and general coordinator Cláudia Costa: volunteers deliver basic hygiene kits to the residences. Photo: Matheus Felipe Pereira/Casa Pequeno Davi/publicity photo

In 2020, a set of actions articulated by Itaú Social with the COVID-19 Emergency Support initiative benefited 157 thousand families and 138 institutions, based on an extra investment of R$ 52 million. In a scenario in which food insecurity and vulnerability have intensely and quickly aggravated, a protection response was organized that began with the diagnostic listening by partners already active in the territories of greatest social vulnerability.

Thanks to this previous relationship – and the larger network thereby accessed – it was possible to lend scale and quickness to the action. Through the intermediation of organizations with recognized activities in the territories, the assisted communities received basic grocery kits, hygiene kits and personal protection equipment. The priority given to food security and other items of primary necessity did not prevent this emergency support effort from also including an action linked with learning and the guarantee of the right to reading, which benefited tens of thousands of children. More than 82 thousand copies of books from the Read to a Child collection were included in the composition of the basic grocery kits distributed. The emergency support also involved voluntary actions by the Mobilize Itaú Committees, respecting the social isolation.