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Programs Covid-19 Emergency Action Education in the pandemic

Support in the new routine

In the context of social isolation, Polo offers 40 courses for supporting education professionals and families in managing the challenges posed by the pandemic

Lívia Piccolo, a dramatist and mother of four-year-old Raul: they tested two of the 40 activities of Polo’s Playing as a Family program

Not only to minimize the losses that occur to the students who were absent from school for months during the pandemic, but also to soften and breathe some cheer into the time of isolation, Itaú Social, in a partnership between the Improving Education program and Polo, created more than 40 courses during the pandemic, all aligned with the general skills of the National Common Curricular Basis. Many initiatives have supported, inspired and primarily helped educators and families to deal with the new routine. The quick production and immediate publication allowed 60,570 people from 2,517 municipalities to access these courses in 2020.

One of the examples was the Playing as a Family material, which offered suggestions for easy gains adaptable to the context of each home. The reporter Lívia Piccolo, of Rede Galápagos, tested two of them with her son Raul and told about the experience in the report Playing is speaking the language of the children, hosted in the News area of Itaú Social’s website. There are other materials on the site, such as the 18 thematic activities (arts, pedagogical activities, biology, communication, general culture, human rights, physical education, inclusive education, children’s education, entertainment, tools, geography, history, foreign language, literature, legal framework, mathematics and chemistry) offered by Education in times of crisis.

Among the courses produced during the pandemic, some merit a special highlight. Protection Networks invites the user to reflect about complex situations that require the strengthening of links and networks of support for individuals and families, to understand the sorts of unprotected relationships described in the Conception for Shared Living and Strengthening of Links and to plan and guide strategies for improving social coexistence. The course Maps of the focus of the BNCC in ensuring the learning for municipal directors supports the technical teams of the education secretariats and the educators in combating the gaps generated by the parallelization of the in-person activities of schools.