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Programs Covid-19 Emergency Action

Responding in a network

Partnerships with local organizations and knowledge of the reality of municipal education networks were essential for the articulation of initiatives for mitigating the effects of the pandemic

A VW van used by the teachers of the school E. M. Mário Jorge Gomes da Costa, in Presidente Figueiredo (AM), to visit rural communities: school exercises for children without access to Internet and television. Photo: Ieda de Souza

The challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic require rapid responses, which ensure equity in dealing with this disease and in the mitigation of its impacts on education – while also providing access to food, hygiene and other basic needs. With the support of its network of partners in the territories, coupled with its experience in acting together with municipal teaching networks, Itaú Social organized several articulated, immediate and wide-scope actions. On the education front in the pandemic, a series of dozens of new courses was targeted to educational professionals and families, to help them in the management of the new routine imposed by the context of social isolation. Simultaneously, the COVID-19 Emergency Support program benefited 157 thousand families and 138 institutions, based on an extra investment of R$ 52 million. Besides the specific results of the year 2020, the constant development of new initiatives strengthened the articulation of Itaú Social and its network of partners for meeting the challenges which have extended into the year 2021.