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Communication Partnerships

Enlarged debate

Five partnerships help to reverberate the discussion about education in different publics and aspects: from the experience of literary practices to the evaluation of public policies

The Place of Books series, a partnership with TV Cultura: 60 audiovisual modules, each five minutes long, shown over the course of three months to make families aware of the importance of reading in early childhood

To mobilize society around themes of education and enlargement of debate, the partnerships with communication vehicles are essential. By determining the choice of each partner, the objective is to dialogue with different audiences to spread the two mainstays of Itaú Social: the strengthening of civil society and the training of education professionals. In 2020, five partnerships focused on different public segments.

The podcast Folha in the Classroom, for example, a pioneer in talking specifically to teachers, produced 33 episodes in its three seasons. For its part, Public Policy Nexus is aimed at reaching researchers, decision-makers, students, university professors and high school teachers. The academic-journalistic platform presents the production of some of the main research centers of Brazil and the world in clear language and innovative formats.

The families and parents of the “class C” socioeconomic level are the focus of Place of Books, a program of TV Cultura with 60 episodes in four parts that show practices of families and communities to inspire people to read to children. For its part, Canal Futura produces journalistic coverage on the programs of Itaú Social, and Education 360 International, produced by the newspapers O Globo, Extra and Valor Econômico, debated the impacts of the pandemic on learning with education professionals and representatives of social movements. The messages were segmented, but their reach was enlarged by the strategic choice of different publics, networks and channels.

The future in discussion
One of the novelties of 2020 was the Public Policies Nexus Festival. The superintendent of Itaú Social, Angela Dannemann, mediated the discussion panel “Evaluation of Public Policies: Method and Relevance.” The Public Policies Nexus platform maintained an average of more than 50 thousand views monthly in the second semester.

Public Policy Nexus

The voice of inequality
In three seasons, the podcast honored the educators who made history, showed the challenges of teachers in the classroom, and exposed, with the pandemic, the social and educational abysses that were already existent in the country. The podcast’s 33 episodes had 106 thousand plays.

Podcast: Folha na Sala

Inspiration and experiences
The sixth edition of the initiative of the newspapers O Globo, Valor Econômico and Extra gathered in a webinar 25 lecturers from Brazil and the world with their true-life stories and positive experiences in the area of education. The event received 94% approval from the participants.

Educação 360

Reading for early childhood
With 60 modules of five minutes duration each, shown over the course of three months on TV Cultura, the series Place of Books makes low-income families aware of the importance of reading in early childhood. More than 900 thousand households were impacted by the program in 2020.

Lugar de Livros

Synergy in goals
Canal Futura broadcasted all of Itaú Social’s projects in 2020, most of them focused on teaching in the pandemic: from support materials during isolation to the planning of the resumption of in-person classes. In 2020, more than 800 shows on Canal Futura were about initiatives by Itaú Social.

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