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Communication Livestreamings

Learning live

With the knowledge accumulated over the course of two decades, the program enlarged its training of education professionals and consolidated its strategy of educational technologies. There were six cycles of conversations with civil society organizations, the public power and educators about how to act in light of the impact of the pandemic on education.

The superintendent of Itaú Social, Angela Dannemann, in one of the six cycles of talks: mediation of eight hours of dialogues with strong engagement on YouTube

Livestreamings surged in the times of the pandemic. At Itaú Social, live conversations online were used to teach and to allow for important dialogues with representatives of the third sector and the public power. When COVID-19 was significantly impacting the dynamics of public education, Itaú Social held three livestreamings focused on the civil society organizations. One to discuss integral development, another to talk about the financial stability of CSOs, and a third one that pointed to the advantages of acting in a network. Besides a good audience for a segmented public, the livestreamings enjoyed strong engagement from this community, which is very needy of information and possibilities of action in face of a desolating scenario. The other three livestreamings of this cycle were focused on the activity of the public power in light of the pandemic’s impact on education.

All the meetings, mediated by the superintendent of Itaú Social, Angela Dannemann, brought together guests, who shared their local realities, and specialists, with experiences and suggestions for solutions. The format, which began as an experiment imposed by the new challenges of the pandemic, allowed for quick learning by the communication team, was consolidated with good results, and is now part of Itaú Social’s strategy. The highlight of each meeting follows:

Civil Society Organizations: Integral development

May 2020 — Integral development of children and adolescents in the context of coronavirus. Guests: Jany Alencar, General Director of the social organization Verde Vida, and Tião Rocha (photo), founder of the Popular Center of Culture and Development (CPCD)

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Civil Society Organizations: Financial sustainability

June 2020 — Financial sustainability of civil society organizations. Guests: Eliana Silva, director of the organization Redes da Maré, and Izadora Mattiello (photo), cofounder and CEO of Phomenta

Civil Society Organizations: Acting in a network

June 2020 — Acting in a network. Guests: Ana Neiry Alves, founder of the civil society organization Pisada do Sertão, and Bel Santos Mayer (photo), coordinator of the human rights program at IBEAC

Education professionals: Acting in a network

July 2020 — Learning strategies and the confrontation of inequalities. Guests: Cybele Amado, general director of Instituto Anísio Teixeira, and Katia Smole (photo), director of Instituto Reúna

Education professionals: Challenges of network management

July de 2020 — The challenges of managing municipal and state networks. Guests: José Henrique Paim (photo), director of the Center for Municipal Management and Public Policies of Fundação Getulio Vargas, and Noemia Pereira, municipal secretary of education and culture of Teotônio Vilela (AL)

Education professionals: Learning strategies

August 2020 — The importance of acting in a network for guaranteeing the right to education in the context of COVID-19. Guests: Cecilia Motta (photo), president of Consed, and Luiz Miguel Garcia, president of Undime