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Communication Production of Knowledge Integral Education Special

Live and learn

One question that has been much debated by Itaú Social gained new meanings in the quarantine: after all, to what extent can education take place outside the classroom? This special presents six perspectives on integral education. Check out each one:

What integral education is
This journey, of thinking about education based on integral development, involves three important pillars: spaces, contents and times

Integral education as a right
The search for social equity involves public policies and initiatives by society that work to guarantee the right to education and to full development.

Technology: possibilities and limits
The debate about remote learning is already a great challenge in our country, starting with the inequality of access to communication devices and technology.

The importance of the family
The family stands out as an important agent not only for development but also for the improvement of performance, engagement and staying in school.

DesenvoIntegral development and neuroscience
Cultural activities – like singing, dancing, listening and telling stories – are proposals that train, challenge and support the executive brain functions.

Itaú Social’s activity
One of the first programs carried out by Itaú Social in its history of activity was the Itaú-UNICEF Prize, dedicated to recognizing and encouraging civil society organizations.